The Abundance Course

Find out how easy manifesting Money & Abundance can be


Wealth is the nature of your being... the nature of your soul.

And to the degree that you claim, resonate with, and embody the abundance that you are, is the degree that you will attract and create abundance (in all forms) into your life. That’s what this course will teach you to do. 

Want to go to the next level?


Why is Manifesting Money So Difficult?


Here's how manifesting works: however you predominately feel about any subject is what you create in your reality.

That means if you feel stressed, contracted, limited, or scared about money in any way, you automatically create more experiences that provoke these feelings within you. You continue to feel stressed about money!

But if you feel assured, confident, knowing, trusting, and abundant when it comes to money, then your reality reflects that. You create abundance.

Your outer reality is always a reflection of your inner reality.

By aligning your energy with the frequency of wealth and abundance within, you'll naturally create abundance in your life.

That's what this course will teach you to do.

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I'm Shelly Bullard and I know what it’s like to feel scared & intimidated by money. 



- I was fearful, out-of-control, and contracted with money

- I felt like my desires, dreams, and ideal-life were completely out-of-reach

- I had tons of debt (credit card, tax, and graduate school) & no clue how I'd pay it off

- I longed for freedom, security, and overflowing abundance in my life, but had no idea how to actually make that happen


the Truth was: I secretly hoped my issues with money would just solve themselves (as in... vanish into thin air).

But that's not what happened... 

What happened instead was I admitted to myself that I'd been afraid and intimidated by money for years.

Once I got real with myself I was primed to do the inner-work that allowed me to RISE into a whole new reality of wealth and abundance.

I want to show you how to do the same.


You have everything you need to create a completely new reality with money and abundance.


Once you settle into the magnificent, ever-abundant nature of your Being... money, wealth, and abundance have NO CHOICE but to come into your reality.

It's simply how this works.

Here’s how we’re going to do it…


In this course, I will work with you on multiple levels to raise your internal-connection to abundance

so you can naturally attract wealth (in all forms… including money) into your life. 


Energetic Transmission
The videos, audios, and writing in this course were created in complete-alignment with the frequency of abundance. As you're exposed to the material in this course, your wealth-vibration will naturally rise in frequency to match what’s being delivered to you. You’ll feel the difference internally and you'll see the difference in your reality. Immediately.

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Divine Knowledge
Everything I create and live by is based on this simple truth: we create what we are. We create what we are. When you know that you're a Divine Being and you learn how to work with your infinite energy, you can create whatever you desire in life. In this course, I walk you through how to do that, step-by-step. 

Practical Tools
In addition to the deep, energetic work you'll do, this course also offers you many, many practical tools on how to handle and manage money so your vibration stays high and the abundance continues to flow. You'll receive 6 workbooks filled with over 40 exercises that will keep you on-track, raising your wealth-vibe over and over again.


Take a Peak Inside...

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Once YOU join, YOU instantly GET LIFETIME & unlimited ACCESS TO THE abundance course PRIVATE webSITE:

  • 6 Modules, 40+ Lessons (each lesson includes video, audio, written material, and an exercise
  • 6 PDF Workbooks filled with exercises guiding you towards transformation
  • Self-study course - move at your own pace and return to the material again and again
  • Access the course whenever you want, as much as you want
  • Effortless Abundance. Truth. Empowerment, Confidence, Fulfillment and Mastery with Money.

Freedom, baby.

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What results can you expect from taking this course?


When I implemented the knowledge, energy, and techniques that I’ll teach you in this course...

- In 6 weeks, I manifested my first 5-figure month

- Soon after, I manifested my first 5-figure day

- Now, 5-figure days have become a normal occurrence in my life

- I’ve smoothly and naturally manifested over 6-figures, two years in a row...

But that's not even the best part...

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"I feel the truth of this in my bones! Money has come into my life in a different way every single day since I started the course - it's incredible! I got a new job offer, I got an unexpected tip after teaching a yoga class, and I had a meal at a restaurant taken care of by a friend who wasn't even dining with me! I'm already amazed and it's only the beginning!"

Chelsea, U.s.

"Oh my goodness! I started working on your eCourse and in 3 days, one of my previous bosses emailed me and offered me a part-time position that slips right into my current schedule. This feels so surreal but I knew the moment I started reading your writing that you embody the energy that I want for myself. Thank you so much for the work that you do!"

Mary, U.s.



"Taking The Abundance Course has been life-changing for me. As a coach, I've explored a lot of information about creating wealth. Shelly’s approach is like nothing I've done before - it's completely shifting the way I understand and experience money and abundance."

Christine, U.s.


...Because my life is filled with extraordinary, unbelievable, amazing abundance every, single day.

- I live on the tropical island of my dreams and travel whenever I want

- I’m surrounded by people who love, adore, & support me (and I love, adore, & support them right back!)

- My lifestyle is amazing (I live in a beautiful home, eat amazing food, have an awesome community, and live an incredible day-to-day life)

- I’m in complete alignment with my purpose in life and the value I offer the world

- I know my TRUE WORTH, deep-down in my Soul

I've become the Embodiment of Abundance, so it appears in ALL aspects of my life.

I want the same to be true for you, too.


"Beyond everything, I feel more incredible than I've ever felt in my entire life. I'm currently just beginning week 3 and already I've called-in a new job I wanted, new private practice clients, money, compliments, gifts, and a free class! 'Wow' is all I can say."

darcy, U.s.


"As a small business owner, I was working too much and becoming exhausted. The Abundance Course taught me how to set my needs as a priority, and how to create abundance by doing so. When I began to flourish, so did my business. It was a simple process with a huge, huge impact on my life and well-being."

Stephanie, U.s.


"There is truly no way to capture in words how much this course has helped me. Since taking this course, I manifested a new job that pays $12K more per year (with less hours), freelance work that I love, I'm managing my money for the first time ever. I've worked with financial planners, friends and financial software - guess what? None of that helped! This course has brought me to a new place o feeling EMPOWERED with money. Thank you Shelly - we are so blessed to have you."

rachel, u.s. 


"This course completely flipped my world. I thought I was signing up for a course about money, but it turned out to be so much more than that. What I got was an awakening - a deep understanding of who and what I really am, which means abundance is always available to me."

Petra, U.s.


"Money used to be an uncomfortable area for me to look at. Shelly's intentional, compassionate, soulful, spiritual approach supports me to look at these patterns that I've avoided for a long time. And - as I expected - abundance has been showing up in so many ways since I started the course... I received a larger-than expected tax return, had a coaching client suggest to pay a higher rate, and was contracted for a huge side-gig at the end of the summer."



"This course guided me to attract my dream job! I had this crazy moment when I was working with my new team the other day and I realized this was the exact scenario I had been intentionally calling-in. Even the chairs we were sitting in had been in my vision! The feeling I have when I walk in the office and the sense of freedom (this job comes with unlimited vacation days and basically, I'm my own boss) were all qualities that I chose to bring into my life with the guidance of your course."

Hilary, U.S.


"Following this course, I discovered my own limitations/beliefs in scarcity while simultaneously growing my commitment for an abundant life (for good). I'm so grateful that this course goes to the CORE of what makes us abundant so we can experience it in all aspects of our lives. I have loved this course from the very beginning - thank you so much Shelly, for such a powerful course!"

Javi, Chile

"I'm successfully manifesting a ton of abundance into my life recently, no doubt due to your amazing course! I received a new job offer and in just a week, I started making double my current salary!"



"If you are going through any struggles - whether that's overcoming blocks or manifesting a relationship, career, or money - I highly recommend you get to know Shelly. She's the woman to help you OWN your power.

fern, U.S.


"Shelly is a light. With her huge, brave heart she leads and supports you to become the best possible you, and reach whatever your heart and soul desires. I love how she's walked the path herself and teaches from the earth of her being with love, passion, and fun. You are in amazing hands with her!"



"This course has been transformative in creating abundance in my life - my world is so much more abundant than it was a few months ago. By shifting my perspective of abundance (the way this course guided me to do), everything changed. Thank you Shelly. It's a game-changer!

Amanda, U.S.


Your True Nature is Wealth.


Awaken the Truth of who you are and Abundance will naturally pour into your life.

This course will show you how.


**The Abundance Course comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Try it risk-free for 2 weeks to see how easy manifesting money and abundance can be. If the course isn't for you, I'll happily give you a full-refund. No questions asked.

there's nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Join to see for yourself.


"The teaching Shelly offers allows for the integration of our deeper truths. She masterfully creates a space for your own inherent wisdom to come through.


"Shelly is the real deal. Generous, kind, and helpful - she practices what she preaches." 

Monica, U.s.

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"Shelly is a life-force. Her writing, courses, speaking, and energy all radiate truth along with genuine rigor - teaching people how to create abundance and flow in their lives.

Charlotte, U.s.

Frequently Asked Questions


>> When I purchase the course, what exactly do I Receive? 

  • You receive lifetime-membership and unlimited access to The Abundance Course (a private, membership-only website). Within the course, there are 6 Modules, over 40 Lessons (each Lesson includes a video, audio, written material, and an exercise). You'll also receive 6 PDF workbooks filled with exercises and straightforward guidance on how you raise your abundance-vibration, so you can easily attract more abundance into your life. Access the course whenever you want, as much as you want. Once you purchase it, you get lifetime access to the material and site. That means forever. ;)



  • Once you make the payment above, you'll immediately be logged into the course so you can begin your transformation right away. You'll also receive an email from me containing all the information you need to continue to access the course. More abundance, starting now.


>> When can I expect to see results? 

  • As soon as you integrate the energy and knowledge presented in this course. Many people are surprised that they see and feel results (experiencing more abundance, attracting money, feeling peaceful and confident about their finances) almost immediately - within the first few days. 



  • It means that you can try the course risk-free for 2 weeks to see if you like it. If for any reason you don't like the course, you can email me to tell me you no longer want to be part of the program and that you'd like a full-refund (which I'll happily give you - no questions asked). I'm committed to you being completely satisfied (and blown away!) with this investment, and I'm really confident in the power of this course.


>> I’M A MAN. Will this course help me? 

  • Yes! Guys are ALWAYS welcome to participate in my courses. I love having you. :) This course is not gender-specific - it offers guidance for anyone who wants to attract more abundance into his or her life. 


>> I'm currently unemployed. Will this course help me? 

  • Yes! This course has nothing to do with what job you have (or don't have), where you come from, where you currently live, how much money you grew up with, or any other detail like that. Quite the opposite, actually. This course will prove to you that you have EVERYTHING you need - right now - to attract more abundance and money into your life. 


>> I tried Manifesting before & it didn't work. How will this be different? 

  • My approach to manifesting is different for a couple reasons: 

1) I distill it down to the most basic component - your energy. Once you change your energy, everything in your life changes. This course offers straightforward, down-to-earth methods to change your energy easily and naturally so your reality can effortlessly change, too.

2) Limiting beliefs and fears get in the way of conscious manifestation. Most people don't talk about this step - they skip over how to deal with what's blocking you from creating what you want. I don't skip it - I dive right in and show you exactly how to overcome lower-frequencies (fears about money and abundance) so you manifest/create what you desire.

3) This entire course was created in full-alignment with the ever-present, spiritual Truth that YOU ARE FULLY ABUNDANT. Abundance is the nature of your Being... the nature of your Soul. And somewhere inside of you, you know this is true. By deepening into this knowing, money and abundance will flow into your life in ways that will blow you away! And when that happens... you'll never forget who you are and how powerful you can be.


>> How long will it take me to go through the course? 

  • 5 weeks plus a bonus 6th week.


>> How long will my membership to the Abundance course last? 

  • Forever.


>> Who do I contact if I have questions or issues? 

  • [email protected] I've got you covered, baby. x


If you're ready to attract more abundance than you ever thought possible, I look forward to seeing you in there. 

With Big Love,